Plant "Ammoni" in Mendeleevsk prepared for commissioning. The launch was performed by Russian President Vladimir Putin from Naberezhnye Chelny on the evening of 12 February.

The Company expects annual revenue of 20 billion rubles, despite the volatility of the fertilizer market, announced Chairman of the Board of Directors of SC "Ammoni". The plant can produce 717,5 thousand tons of ammonia (without methanol) in a year or 487,3 tons of ammonia and 233,8 thousand tons of methanol (with integrated production), as well as 717,5 thousand tons of granulated urea.

the project Cost was $1.4 billion, However the Bank are lend project will need to pay $2.2 billion with interest. To recoup investment in "Ammonium" is planned for the last 14.5 years since the signing of the agreement with a consortium of Japanese Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Sojitz Corporation and China national chemical engineering Corporation (CNCEC), which was held in 2010. Foreign contractors completed work on $1 billion 50 million domestic - $325 million. Chairman of the Board recalled that contract for the plant construction concluded on the terms of EPC "turnkey".

"As a rule, all companies, especially foreign, in Russia, want to work "open book" - "open book". No one wants to take risks", - said High Management Representative. According to him, about 70% of these "Ammoni" projects completed with the cost increase 2-3 times, from 20 to 25% with "some" rise in prices and the failure of terms of commissioning. "Ammoni" came in 2-3% of projects that pass the time and virtually no appreciation.

  • the Construction "Ammoni" was launched in 2011.
  • In June, 2015 received the first production - ammonia.
  • At the peak of construction at the site was 3.5 thousand construction workers.
  • some of the 1350 jobs.
  • the Average salary of staff is 58 thousand rubles.

the Ammoni nitrate plant will be implemented in Russia, urea - export abroad. Earlier it was reported that sales of fertilizers will build on the principle of 30% is realized on the territory of Russia and the rest 70% - in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia. Contracts for the sale, according to representatives of company management, have already been signed, and the long-term contracts. The cost of urea, company representatives refused to name, however, it is lower than the competition, say executives.

the Company, told reporters the representatives of the top management expects to take about 5% of the Russian market of fertilizers. The factories in Russia did not build over the past 30 years. Therefore, "Ammoni" think, for example, after 10 years of Tatarstan products can take 25% of the market, as existing enterprises are not updated. According to Chairman ot the Board, the commissioning of the complex "Ammoni" will have a positive impact on the volume of gross domestic product mendeleevskogo district of Tatarstan, Tatarstan and Russia in General.

For the construction of the plant in Tatarstan used the technology of Danish company Haldor Topsoe. Along with deep processing of natural gas in the amount of 1 thousand cubic meters per year in ammonia it enables low energy consumption and high environmental friendliness. 96% of CO2 emissions, the plant will use in the production of urea and methanol. "This unique technology is eco-friendly and economical," concluded Chairman ot the Board. In the world of plants, like Tatarstan "Ammonium".

Based on RBC